Forbes magazine voted Patmos as “Europe’s Most Idyllic Places To Live”, we agree! But the secret behind patmos’ popularity is the wide range of beautiful and talented people that keep coming back year after year.

Living in Patmos is pure bliss.

Image Of Patmos Chora.

The laid back pace really draws you in, while the air inspires to take full advantage of the season at hand. The waters revive you and the sun seems to shine with magnified rays making you feel unique and alive. No words can describe the earth spirit present on this island, it’s a geophysical phenomenon that not everyone can feel or see. The monastery really overwhelms you. It is visible from almost all the places on this scenic little island. Driving or riding around is really easy, you won’t find a single traffic light on the roads that swerve and turn unfolding a new spectacular view at every curve.

The bible is the world’s’ best selling book. All reading enthusiasts know of the Book of Revelations, but not everyone is aware that it was written on Patmos or why a book about so much destruction was written in a place so beautiful and peaceful. Saint John the Divine (also known as the beloved disciple of Jesus) was sent here in exile, Patmos in those days it was a place for criminals because it was so inaccessible.